Mini FAQ for LSW Squeak-Windows Bindings

Version: 3.1 from 05/22/2002 updates Version 3.0 from 02/20/2002

next update to be expected: - .

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What does that mean Windows-Bindings - Squeak already supports Windows ?

But there is the FFI - so one can just add the required Bindings for User.dll, GDI.dll Is that what LSW - Squeak-Windows-Bindings is doing ?

When LSW Squeak-Bindings will be available ?

Will it be public available ?

We are still waiting for the promised Sponsoring from a R&D department which initiated the LSW Squeak Windows-Bindings development. At the moment it looks like this can take quite a while - and after all we may loose our interest to invest time in it.

For commercial development it is advisable to use commercial Smalltalk's. Visit

Why we never heard about LSW and LSWVST before ?

We extended our VM to be able to make Platform Bindings for .NET. Now we are using LSW-Vision-Smalltalk (LSWVST) to create .NET tools .