LSWVST Code Delivery Toolset

Building a Runtime Version of a Smalltalk Application can be a challenging task. We have developed an infrastructure for it which makes this process really easy:

  1. Define a Code-Cluster ( aggregation of Packages and Clusters ) which contain all the classes and methods which you want to have in your Runtime-Image.
  2. Run the Sanity-Test which identifies all Methods containing References to classes or Methods not in your TopLevel Image Cluster
  3. Choose the Deploment Scenario ( up-to the method-Level )
  4. Define which PoolConstants should be inlined
  5. Define which Methods / Classes should be shadowed
  6. Define Software Protection and Licensing Parameters
  7. Define the options for the Runtime-System ( DLL, .Executable ( GUI or Console ), ActiveXControl NET-Assembly, Device-Driver, Operating-System )
  8. Define Native-Code Generation-Options ( Bytecode+JIT, Abstract-Native-Code, Target-Native-Code
  9. Define Runtime-System Options ( Runtime-Stack-Size , Object-Memory parameters  )
  10. Create the Target