LSW DotNet-Lab 2.0 Beta 7 Screenshots

We published a new release on  March 23, 2005.

New powerful Unicode-enabled GUI

We support now full Unicode. Unicode and ANSI encodings can be switch on a per Windows base in the SystemMenu ->Encodings -> ANSI / Unicode. We are using our ORTHOGONALITY Windows-GUI Framework.

Multiple Browser Windows

   More than one Browser-Window can be simultaneously opened during a LSW DotNet-Lab Session.




New dynamic Menu System

The Menu System was redesigned. All menus are created dynamically depending on the state of the GUI.


Dynamic context menu for Types-View



Dynamic context menu for Types-View


Customizable Toolbar

The Toolbar can be customized from a set of a few hundred Commands

Directory view-mode with automatic Assembly detection

It is not necessary to explicitly open Assemblies anymore. Just add the folder or navigate to a subfolder and expand it. Assemblies will be detected automatically. Expanding Namespaces or Resource.Categories will show the content - Cross-Referencing willl be done in the Background.


The Global-Assembly Cache can be viewed by expanding the Global-Assembly Cache folder.

Project-View ( Beta )

The new Project-View was added to allow a different grouping of Assemblies / Types / Members. In later version new Assemblies can be created from Projects


Namespaces View-Mode


   mscorlib 1.0 & 1.1 Simulataneously loaded


.NET Resources View


Resources are integrated in the Container-TreeView / Graphic Resources are displayed in the Graph-View



The Search-View has been enhanced with new Filters.


    Search for Types, Members, Namespaces, Strings & more ( Screenshot not yet updated )



Decompiler with new VB.NET and managed C-++ Backend

We have redesigned the middle-part of the decompilation-engine which used an artificial intermediate representation which was generated by a grammar tool. This hindered us to decompile optimized expressions easily. Now we claim to have one of the most powerful decompiler on the market.


LSW IL-Obfuscator




The new LSW IL-Obfuscator has now been included.


Cross-Referencing View

Cross-Referencings are now associated with Projects

    Cross-Referencing for a Type   



    Cross-Referencing for a Member




    Cross-Referencing Event Adders / Removers


    Native Functions   ( Screenshot not yet updated )




HTML Views

Description, XML Documentation, Decompiled Source-Code, MSIL Disassembly can be viewed in the Webbrowser Pane rendered with HTML. HyperText Navigation is provided where it is possible.

     Hypertext-Navigation in HTML Source-Code




The MSDN View has been added to allow easy retrieval of the Framework Documentation. The MSDN View can be configured to point to either local installed MSDN or remote MSDN.





DotNet XML-Documentation can be viewed and saved in RTF and HTML





Diagram-Views are based on our Graph-Lab Framework. Diagrams are automatically layouted. Automatic Layouts can be configured in a number of ways.

There exists a number of different Diagram-Modes:


    Assembly-Namespaces Diagram


    Graphical Type Diagram  ( Screenshot not yet updated )



Zoomed Diagrams:




Diagram Views can be saved to HTML/VML

Sample 1    Sample 2    Sample 3    Sample 4

Assembly-Namespace Diagram Assembly-Namespace Diagram Full

Full Diagram Sample

Full Diagram ShortName Sample

Call / Callee Diagrams are displayed as Diagram-Views:

Sample 1    Sample 2    Sample 3


Methods can be visualized in the Graph View:




There is a long long wishlist. If you have any questions / suggestions email us