LSW DotNet-Lab

LSW DotNet-Lab ( LSW-DNL ) is a development environment for Microsoft's .NET platform. It contains a Smalltalk System-Browser like Object-Browser for .NET ( LSW DotNet-Reflection-Browser ) , a Code-Obfuscator for .NET ( LSW IL-Obfuscator ) and various other tools. It is entirely written in LSW Vision-Smalltalk for the Windows-Platform.







Meta-Data Browser

The Meta-Data Browser shows the Assemblies Meta-Data in it's pure form.

Definition-Group Browser

The Definition-Group Browser ( DGB ) allows to drag/drop Items ( Methods, Fields, Types, Namespaces ) from the Reflection-Browser. The DBG will be most usefull if Source-Code editing is included.


The Internet-Update allows to download and install Updates. Updates are contained in ZIP-Files and are automatically used after a restart of LSWDNL.


The Error-Browser collects all Errors during browsing, decompilation and graph rendering. Our decompiler is very sophisticated - However a decompilation engine is an open system. There can be always constructs which need an extension of the decompile framework.

License Browser

The License-Browser allows to purchase new subsystems ( currently only Paypal ), to view and manage the activation-keys.


This is a prelimary Tool-Panel where we put things like a new File-Explorer, the Datasource-Browser & more.

More Screenshots of the LSW DotNet-Lab are  here.

Planned and upcoming features

LSW-DNL operates in Evaluation mode until  you  purchase it. To switch to unrestricted mode you need to enter a license it in the License-Browser.

  Version Size  HTTP
LSW DotNet-Lab, basic Distribution 2.0 Beta 8 ~9  MB


To purchase visit our purchase Page.

Errors, latest builds

We upload almost  weekly new builds - the current Version is 2.0 Beta 7 ( Menu Help About LSW DotNet-Lab ).

Error-logs ( *.log files ) can be send directly to

Error-logs are cumulative. After an Error Message-Box pops up there is no need to leave the browser.

It indicates an internal error which doesn't affect any other functionality of the browser. We are hard working to get the last bugs removed.

The Error-Logfile contains a stack-trace which allows us to research the problem.

Feature Updates & Service Packs

Currently there are no feature updates or Service Packs. Updates can be obtained later via the Menu Tools->Internet Update.