LSW Binary-Lab

LSW-Binary-Lab ( LSW-BL ) is a tool for working with Binary-Code. It is written in  LSW Vision-Smalltalk. We plan to add LSW-BL to LSW DotNet-Lab 2.0 The features of LSW-BL are:

Notepad.exe opened with LSW-BL

This screen shows the initial window if you open a Win32 Binary. It follows our traditional Browser style.



After decompiling the Binary all the functions found in the Binary are presented in a Browser in an intermediate High Level Assembler language which is much closer to C than Machine-code. 


Decompilation output in High-Level Assembler language.




A number of analysis tools are build in in LSW-BL. The Call Graph Display allows you to identify the topmost functions. In contrary to .NET executables I386 binaries don't cary metadata which would allow to assign meaningful names. Names can be assigned manually and allow a step by step deobfuscation of the whole program.

LSW-BL offers a lot of graphical views to support the decompilation task. The Call Graph shows a call hierarchy which allows to distinguish higher-level and lower level procedures.

The Call-Graph of Notepad.exe




The LSW-BL has a lot of features which where only possible to realize in Smalltalk !.


LSW-BL is not available yet. We plan now for Q4 / 2004 as part of LSW DotNet-Lab 2.0. It was not planned to publish it because its reach features can help cracking software. Now we see that it can help in developing better protection mechanismns. It helped us to develop our Anti-Piracy software which effectively hides protection code so that it is even difficult to discover with such a great decompiler.

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