LSW DotNet-Reflection-Browser

Version 1.3 is part of LSW DotNet-Lab 2.0. It was published in December 2004. LSW DotNet-Lab is available for download. We have put together a number of new Screenshots of the Browser here.

We are continuously improving and adding new features. Read about what we have already done and what is left here.

We have introduced new variations with very attractive prices for a limited time.

We are busy working creating the next version which contain many new features.

Our LSW DotNet-Reflection-Browser is a tool which will help every .NET Developer to be more productive. It is much more than yet another Object-Browser. As an addon the GUI-Integrated Decompiler displays Source-Code which is generated on-the-fly.

LSW DotNet-Reflection-Browser ( LSW-DNRB ) is a revolutionary Object- Browser for Microsofts .NET - Framework . It displays the Framework components and every component written for the Framework in same compact and convinient form as a Smalltalk System-Browser does.  Information about .NET Components can be retrieved very fast. For professionals it is often more convenient to understand code by studying the source-code. LSW-DNRB decompiler Addon transparently decompiles in the Source-View. LSW-DNRB offers the same Cross-Referencing capabilities as available in Smalltalk-Systems. In the Hierarchy-Tab the cross-Referrencing information is presented and instantly updated: All callers of a Method, all References to a Type - all References to Members.



Further 1.3 Screenshots are here.

Features of LSW DotNet-Reflection-Browser





    Namespaces / Partial Namespaces

    Types ( Classes / Structures / Enums / Exceptions / Interfaces )




    Various Diagrams can be rendered from Assemblies, Namespaces, Types and Methods. The LSW Graph-Lab Rendering-Engine is used to create this diagrams. The LSW Diagrammer  has now its own page.

We are working over making it possible to extend our Browser.

For a description what you can do with the Browser visit Working with LSW-DNRB.

New features under Development

Why LSW DotNet-Reflection-Browser is unique

LSW DotNet-Reflection-Browser is written in Smalltalk. It contains an own Reflection-Engine. The Browser runs even with restrictions under Windows 95 or on Win32s. The independency of .NET Reflection enable us ad many features which would be not so easy possible if the Browser would be based on .NET Reflection.

The Disassembler is also written in Smalltalk - So the Browser's Disassembler and Decompiler is immune against ILDASM Protection.

The  Decompiler model  is has been developed since many years and is very advanced.

The New Graphical Views are based on a Visual Compiler Graph Rendering Engine which has many many options which are currently not used by the .NET Graph Renderers. New View-modes will be added constantly.