LSW Vision-Smalltalk 2013

LSW Vision-Smalltalk ( LSWVST ) is a sophisticated development platform .

LSWVST is a proprietary Smalltalk.

For convenience find below the old content of the LSWVST page still having valuable informaion about LSWVST's history, our sophisticated VM and our roots in Visual Smalltalk.

Read about the history of LSWVST and its compatibility to Digitalk Smalltalk here.

LSWVST goes to the Internet - with LSWVST TwiLight we can build Rich-Internet Applications (RIA's).

LSWVST Applications can be deployed to pure native code with a minimum Runtime-System ( about 200 K Byte ).

With LSWVST a wide range of Software can be written including Operating-Systems, Device-Drivers, Static or Dynamic-Link-Libraries, ActiveX Controls.

We claim that LSWVST's compiled native code is same as fast as plain C. We achieve that by adding a "Deployment Layer" to Smalltalk's methods.

LSWVST uses native-OS-Widgets - read about our GUI Library LSW- Orthogonality here.

LSWVST is now developed mainly  under MS-Windows.We also target MS-Windows-XP, Linux, MacOSX and embedded SystemsLSWVST has a .NET Integration which enables us to develop our .NET Tools. LSWVST includes now LSW DotNet-Lab a toolset for .NET programmiing.

To learn more about LSWVST visit the LSWVST Documentation Page.

LSWVST on  MS Windows.











LSWVST under Linux Ubuntu / Wine. See also the

LSWVST Linux Page









Minimal Development Image ( Main-Panel, Plaintext-Workspace, Class & Class-Hierarchy Browser, Inspector, Debugger )







Team/St Main-Panel







 Package-Browser with MSDN Integration








LSWVST Runtime Highlights

LSWVST development-environment Highlights

LSWVST's Smalltalk Compiler was extended, Generic-Inlining, BehaviorShadows and Permanent Method-Variables where added.

We have organized our Smalltalk in a number of tool-sets:

Code-Browser Toolset

The Code-Browser Toolset contains a number of sophisticated Smalltalk-Browsers:

Our Code-Editors include a number of different View modes including Richtext & Visual-Syntax for Smalltalk. To view a Visual-Syntax-Graph in HTML/VML ( Internet-Explorer only ) click here or use this link to view a Page containing a JPEG.

Code-Inspector & Debugger Toolset

The Code-Inspector Toolset contains a number of sophisticated Smalltalk-Inspectors:

Code Quality & Performance Toolset

Code-Organization Toolset


PROTOTYPES is LSWVST's Visual-Programming Framework with a huge number of visual software Prototypes.. Several Code-generators allow to generate final ORTOGONALITY compliant Smalltalk-code.

Code Design & Pattern Toolset

Foreign Data Format Toolset

Compiler Toolset

Virtual-Machine Toolset